IDE reporting a missing template which doesnt exist

So I’ve loaded a template into C11, loaded an app, and the IDE is reporting a missing template.

Problem is, when I search for the missing template in files, like other templates it doesnt exist and the app file would never have used this missing template because its a different template family and its never been on this pc!

Whats going on?

A missing template previously used in the app, or a missing template that was previously registered in your registry?

If it’s in your registry, maybe try opening the registry to find what’s there?

It might have been in this registry, but the missing template is its own template family, its not an ABC or CW20 template.

Its not in the registry because its been superseded with a newer version and has “v3” appended to the template name, its certainly not visible in the registry to unregister and the file doesnt exist.

However thats given me an idea, maybe just reregistering all the templates might stop the message from coming up.