Image changes in 11.0.13041?


I build up an image by using a base gif then place additional gifs with transparent background as needed.

I’ve noticed in the 11.0.13401 build the images are now sometimes either shifted by 1 pixel or some other change. eg I have two 1 pixel lines that used to overlap now they do not.

When I use the same code for the report, the transparency goes away - hence the need to have overlapping lines.

Anyone else see a image shift?



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I’m just amazed at your ingenuity.

Good job.


Thanks for the reply. My odd usage also leads to a lot of wasted time when I run into issues like this one. I deal with product configuration using clarion as a front end gui to a model running drools in java. Everyone always says their product is the most complicated to configure. I’m no exception to the rule. Lots of interesting issues over the years.

I’ll try to make a small sample to demonstrate the issue when I have the time.

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