Image Control Scroll Bar Issue

Hello Everyone,

I’m having an issue with the Clarion Image control.

Using Clarion 11.1.13845.

If I load a large image in the control, only one scroll bar appears.

If both are set to TRUE, it’s always the horizontal bar.

If I set one or the other, that bar will work but not both.

The Window has {PROP:Pixels}=1. Although I have tried without that property.

Window is not MDI.

Do not have a clue why the bars are not working. The image dimensions are clearly larger than the control’s {PROP:Width} and {PROP:Height}.

Just plain weird.

Thank you!!

I can confirm. If an image has HVSCROLL attribute, only horizontal scrollbar is displayed.
I can reproduce it in C11.0.13630 and C11.1.13815. I can’t reproduce it in C10.0.12799.



Window                        WINDOW('Big image'),AT(,,319,178),GRAY,FONT('Segoe UI',9)
                                IMAGE('bigimage.jpg'),AT(8,7,299,142),USE(?IMAGE1), HVSCROLL


The last Clarion version where the image control’s scroll bars work as expected is Clarion 11.0.13505.

I submitted a problem tracker report.

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Have you tried turning on CENTERED? That seems like it would show both Scroll Bars if the Image is too large.

Specifies the image displays at its default size and is centered in the area of the IMAGE (PROP:CENTERED).

According to the Image Help the default behavior is:

The image is stretched to fill the area specified by the AT attribute unless the TILED or CENTERED attribute is present.

So if it is not CENTERED does it Stretch one side to fill the area, then add a Scroll Bar to the other side?

One thing you could use to test if there is a difference is the Report Previewer. It allows various zoom and fit methods that result in No Bars, Both Bars or One Bar. E.g. Page Width maximizes width so shows a VScroll. The code specifically turns on the Bars it thinks it needs. Run a Report compiled under 13845 and older to see if the Bars are the same.

You may find the Report Previewer code useful as it shows the use of a few Image control PROP:'s that are not documented AFAIK. E.g. I think Prop:MaxWidth and Prop:MaxHeight allow zooming the image. The Legacy code may be easier to understand initially. The ReportPreview Procedure is in the AppName_SF.CLW module. The Report Previewer in ABReport.clw may have more features.

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Yes sir. I tried centered. Same result.