Image in Listbox-Header possible?


Hello all,

my program has a 24-hour-timeline, where I highlight the recent hour.
However, some users do not recognize this relationship between that marker in the timeline and the actual hour. To leave no one behind, they all ought to get pampered and the suggestion was to implement a clock-symbol in this already marked header.

Simply asked: is that possible? and, if so, how? Thankls in advance

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hola para probar


File not found or cannot be open: reloj.jpg


Net_Icono.ico too …

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Wolfgang, there is a ClarionMag Article about this by @rrogers from 2006


thanks, that’s funny :slight_smile:


Hola, Ricardo!
Your example is very cool!
Well, its actually not what I was searching for, but I really like it.

Please excuse my late response.

Thanks for your efforts