IMDD fix in 11.1.13845?

11.1.13845 release notes:

FIX: IMDD could fail in some multi-thread environments

Anyone know what this is? (My search-foo wasn’t good enough to find in PTSS).

Is the a fix for the complaints one occasionally hears of IMDD not being “thread-safe” or something else?

Greetings Jane :sunflower:

I am watching my inbox like a hungry hawk…

Having a licensed version and using IMDD for combining/compiling reports from several tables, excitement is in the air.

Did you receive an email with an update?

Salutations, Fouche Rabie,

I received an email today for update of Clarion 11.1 EE.
No mention of any of the accessory products.

I’ll paste below the readme.
That’s all I know.
I’ve been staying on 11.0 because I don’t use AnyScreen.
He does mention:
“In this release we have integrated the Developer edition of AnyScreen into both EE and PE.”

 */--- Clarion 11.1.13845  Oct 20, 2023 ----- Fixes/Changes/Features--/

CHANGE: Added code for trapping an invalid field datatype used as a key component in a conversion of a DCT from C6
CHANGE: Potential problem in the Clarion compiler: if a function has parameter(s) of type CONST *CSTRING, the code generation could fail with an ISL(0) error. (when the function was compiling in debug mode)
CHANGE: RTF Control, new methods to Copy/Cut/Paste from internal storage to avoid using the Clipboard
CHANGE: RTF Control, new method to get the selected RTF text 
CHANGE: RTF Control, new methods that executes actions using the internal Property,Selection and Font Interfaces directly from the RTFClass
CHANGE: RTL RTF Control added two new methods to get the selected RTF formatted content and to get its size in bytes. [SelectedRTFText and GetSelectedRTFLength]
CHANGE: When a Field derived from an invalid key component is found the "derived from" is removed instead of the DCT conversion failing, and the issue is recorded to the log
FIX: ABC ASCII FileClass was not being read by the ABC Reader
FIX: Drag-n-drop from an external program to LIST controls would not set the row/field values returned by PROPLIST:MouseUpRow and PROPLIST:MouseUpField
FIX: Fuzzy class could give compile errors
FIX: IMDD could fail in some multi-thread environments
FIX: Quicksocket template was not exported from the Data DLL
FIX: RTL RTF SelectedText methods was returning values in utf8 and affecting CSTRING fields
FIX: String value can be decoded incorrectly on assignment to a DECIMAL variable if the string has a leading + sign
FIX: The program could enter into infinite nesting of exception messages if the primary exception occurred during program shutdown
FIX: TopScan memory leak on closing the open files
FIX: memory leak on getting and setting some properties of controls
FIX: memory leak on the Rtf control destructor
FIX: memory leak on the LIST/COMBO/DROP control destructor
FIX: Dictionary Export to DCTX lost BLOB/MEMO User Options or Comments and they were assigned to an adjoining column [PTSS 42711]
NEW: updated the S3 binaries to latest available from Amazon ver 3.7.###. This was required to use TLS 1.2 connections

I also noted that fix.
My guess is that the possible problems talked about occasionally with IMDD in a much used NTWS ennvironment have been found and fixed.

I am also still on 11.0 (401). Every next version that came out had some problems so.
I wonder if this latest one would finally be ok to move to 11.1?

I miss Robert Paresi!

He was always my “canary in the coal mine.” He kicked the tires thoroughly on all new releases. If he was satisfied to use it for his production code, who was I to quibble?


I hope the IMDD fix is for Ref Number 43319 on the problem tracker system.

Hi Rich. Imdeed it is. Thanks to your example we got some movement on this.

I got the driver last night, ran the test on it, and it passed with flying colors.



I’m out of the office and not able to install it at the moment. Any idea whether this will work with 11.0 or does it need to run with the new version of 11.1?

I have no idea, I have not tested it in 11.0.
I’d say it’s highly likely it would work… but you’d have to test to be sure.

Hi, yes inded.
I ran into the problem and desided to fix this old bug that happen to be the same as in the ptss.