Import from Application Bug - Deletes Empty Modules and Renumbers

I often source compare by Module and use the Generated Numbered modules. Not the most solid but it works with some care of the modules. Suddenly every Module 030-091 showed changed and were obviously different procedures.

I accused someone of again Deleting Empty Modules and Renumbering. He was sure he didn’t and its hard to image doing both and not recalling. He did recall doing an Import from Application. I tested and it does in fact Delete Empty and Renumber. Here is a screen cap from a bug report showing before/after import the modules gone.

I always Import from TXA and it does not have the bug. That does take the extra step of opening the other APP and doing a Selective Export. I usually look in the TXA to see exactly what will be imported.


That is good information to know. I often import from application and now will re-think that.