In Memory of Kenny Gardner

You made me look up Kenny Gardner. He passed away in 2019.

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Very sad. He made a very important contribution to Clarion since DOS days. It’s been a long time since he was seen on the forum, it makes me curious about his last years

very sorry to hear that. His CLACom software is still in use at one of our clients where we use it to read barcodes and weights off scales etc in a warehouse/dispatch centre. It always has worked perfectly.

A Powerful Serial Communications Library written exclusively for Clarion Developers.

CLACom for Windows gives the Clarion Developer the Tools and Expertise to empower their Applications with Serial Communications.

CLACom For Windows is a professional communications library for programmers using Clarion For Windows. It allows you to integrate interrupt driven, asynchronous communications into your Clarion programs. A Terminal Emulator is included with support for TTY, ANSI, VT100, and IBM3161 Emulations. The most popular File Transfer Protocols are supported, including all flavors of Xmodem and Ymodem, as well as Zmodem.

CLACom is the Clarion Developer’s fastest and easiest link to Windows Communications.

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