In what Clarion base CLW / INC does the INI saving get done? maximized window on 2nd monitor

in what Clarion base CLW/INC does the INI saving get done?

got a problem with all windows put on 2nd monitor, maximized, then closed…open the window and it opens on the primary screen

when closing the window and it saves the window position

when you maximize, it clears the X / Y / Width / Height … so it forgets that window needs to have an X

i see the INIClass in ABUTIL.CLW , but I cant find where all the use of that class is

any breadcrumbs would be appreciated, and please NO after market templates


Thats standard behaviour in C6 as well. What I do is open the app on the 2nd monitor and stretch it out to virtually fill the whole monitor, and I never maximise it. MDI child windows can be maximised, but never the app frame window.
It means when ever I start a new instance of the app, it always opens on the 2nd monitor.

Updating the window resizing and positioning is on my list of todos for my own apps, so I will be watching this thread.



to fix the problem
find :
INIClass.Update PROCEDURE (STRING ProcedureName, WINDOW W)

comment out the AND not maximized part of if statement
!change this IF NOT Info.Minimized AND NOT Info.Maximized
IF NOT Info.Minimized

this will keep those settings in the INI

if you comment out the minimized part, the window will mess up if it closes minimized.

I’ll give that a go. Thanks!