Init value in EIP


I have a standard ABC browse with EIP enabled for one column. Allow only editing a current record, no insert record, etc.

What I need to do is: when the user double-click on that column (so EIP mode starts) I need to check if the current value = 0 then need to initialize it (make some calculations), put a new value in an edit entry (so show it), and let the user continue to edit the new value.

what will be the best embed point for this? any code example, please?

Local Objects>Abc Objects>EIP Field Manager for Browse using ?ListBoxScreenControlName>Take Event>Priority 4500
IF [WhatEver]

You might also want to look at the Event at this embed point ie
IF Event =257
Event = 27
And then look up what the event numbers mean.

As Richard said, you should do something.

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Take a look at the Browse’s AskRecord method. It will execute for each row edited via EIP.