Installer says "No supported Clarion versions were detected"

Always when I run the installer of a third party template I am getting the message: “No supported Clarion versions were detected”. Most of the time there is option to continue and choose the version myself. I know this is a option build in the Lindersoft Setup builder.

But today I am running a installer which is lacking this option. How can work around this?

Or better how can I make that my Clarion versions are detected? I guess it must be some registry setting.

5-2-2023 22-11-20

Maybe this thread would be of use: Fake Setup Clarion 9 to install older Accessory Setups like BoTpl

For what exactly version of Clarion you are trying to install??

You should have your Clarion INSTALLED by the original clarion setup program so it creates everything (like registry GUID etc). In your case, it looks like you have Copied your Clarion installation from one PC to another, OR 3rd party setup has no detection for your installed clarion…

I am using Clarion 11 build 13630.

That is the curious thing, I have done that. So no I did not copy the Clarion directory to another PC or directory. But none of my Clarion installs is recognized.

My Fake Installer Jeff mentioned really does work for exactly what you describe. It’s simple and all Clarion code. I’ll use it sometimes just to get all the files an installer adds to the Clarion folder. Set it up for 9.0 or 9.1 that you no longer use.

I should enhance some… Maybe to read all the install registry keys and write them to a .REG file so the Fake can be undone or redone. Also write a .REG file to delete the keys.

Thanks, this solved the issue.
Still curious why my Clarion installs cannot be found but a least I have an easy work around.

Yep, good tool. Thanks for making it available.
That enhancement would be nice. For now I did run it on a testing VM, so my developer machine is still clean.