Installing Clarion 11 for Windows 10

I have started writing blog posts about Clarion, as I learn. Here is my first one:

I would appreciate any comments or feedback you may have, either here or in the blog comments. I will gladly fix any errors you may spot. Thanks in advance


The next post in the series is here:

Again, I would appreciate any comments or feedback, including spotting any typos or spelling errors.


Hi Donn, I took a read through. What’s there looks good so far. :+1:

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Nice work Donn!

I’ve just started a couple of days a week with a fellow who isn’t a programmer but has squeezed MS Access to it’s very end :slight_smile:

Very interested to see, as you’ve come from Access, how you go with Clarion!

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The next post in the series is “Getting Started with Clarion (Part 1)” which covers the first 4 exercises in the Getting Started lessons. The next 4 will follow when time permits.

As always, comments and corrections are welcome.


Navigate to the “Dictionaries” section of the “Start Page” and click on “New Dictionary”.

Maybe add a short note explaining “why we need to create a dictionary?”

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I put the explanation just before the first exercise. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I have added the remaining exercises to “Getting Started with Clarion”, plus two extra ones.

Once again your comments or suggestions are most welcome.