Installing *.sdaddin packages (or a ZIP file containing addins!)

Addin packages for the Clarion IDE are often named with the extention *.sdaddin. These are standard *.zip files with the extension changed. To extract them either rename them to *.zip or use a tool like 7-zip which doesn’t mind what extension a file has.

Before installing or updating an addin package make sure to remove the old one first. Check these locations for existing directories if you are not sure.

  1. Make sure the Clarion IDE is closed.
  2. Navigate to your preferred target path for addins.
  3. Extract the *.sdaddin package(s) to a sub folder. (The IDE scans the directory recursively, the only requirement is one addin per sub folder).
  4. Start the Clarion IDE, your addins are now installed!

I like to keep my addins in the IDE accessory\addins\ path and for convenience I group them all in a sub directory, ClarionAddins, like this:

If you share an IDE, perhaps on a terminal server, then you might like to use the default \<configdir>\addins\ path instead which would allow different addin configurations per windows user.