Integration with Quickbooks desktop

I have a new client that uses Quickbooks on the desktop. I’ve been trying to find a 3rd party solution to accessing QB with Clarion. So far, I’ve only found solutions for Quickbooks Online. Does anyone know of a solution for the desktop version? Has anyone used QB data to run searches?

I’ve zero experience with this, but just remembered seeing it.

My guess is that you’d have to be very comfortable with handcode and have some familiarity with COM. Maybe their support forum would help, but it seems to be down ATM.

I have as much experience as Jeff. If you search “quickbooks” here you will find this question asked before.

I know I have seen @noyantis showing their interface using Chilkat. It is mentioned on the below topic.

Andy has a weekly ClarionLive webinar that I know I have see QB demonstrated. You can connect and ask him to show it. It may have been shown at CIDC Africa in his “Noyantis Full Throttle” session that is free on the CIDC Sessions page.

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I use QBFuse from ThinkData and it works well with QuickBooks Desktop version

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Thanks Jeff! I guess I found an old version of the Thinkdata website only showing a version that worked with Clarion 5.5. So thank you for including the link.

Excellent to know. Thank you!

Thank you Carl. I looked into this one and my understanding is that it works only with QB Online.

It works pretty fine on C10 too. I have not tried it yet on C11 though. I certain though it would work too.