Internal Compiler Error (063522DEH : 063449A8H)..?

Hi guys, I need help, sometimes after I compile an error appears in the compilation list… if I try to open the error embed it displays a message window, and the embed no longer opens.
And sometimes the Clarion crashes.
Today this happened and now it’s giving a compilation error on the first line
Internal Compiler Error (063522DEH : 063449A8H) - C:\CodFonte_ Cw111-Cod_multvet\Abertura.clw:1

In cw, a ~ appears on top of the member, I don’t know what it is…

Sometimes weird stuff at the top could be that there’s a unicode BOM, which can happen when you paste code from a web browser or something.

Internal Compiler Error means that the exception occurred while the compiler tried to compile displayed source file. The first number is an exception address, second one after colon is the address of the COMPILE function exported from the compiler DLL. This second address allows to calculate the address exception point in the compiler file. Usually this is enough to locate the problem. I have no the CLW compiler from the rel.13815. The code on relative position calculated for the last compiler I have access to has couldn’t cause the exception.

If you can send me the CLACLW.DLL you’re using and the first line “as is” of the source file the exception occurred on, it would be possible to determine actual roots of the problem.