Internal error 01 : WSLCLASS is caused by what problem?

@also With your knowledge of the Clarion runtime and compiler could you share with us what Internal error 01 : WSLCLASS errors means is actually happening?

The few threads I can find on the topic seem to reference programs running as services. I don’t know if that is relevant.

Thanks for all you insight.

Failure on attempt to register a window class.

In the future CW version, I hope, the message will be more clear: "RegisterClass failed: " and the text for the error returned by Windows after colon.


Are these always so cryptic because they’re the “never supposed to be seen” error messages? In hindsight it would have made life so much easier over the last 20 years if they’d just have put in a more useful message.

Just a quick followup. Rebooting this server solved the problem. Appears Windows wasn’t in a happy place. No other changes made to resolve it.