Invalid Character value for cast specification

I’m trying to get my clarion app to work with a MSSQL database.
It currently works fine with a sybase database but my bosses are keen to eliminate sybase from our system as a lot of stuff is done in MSSQL and we have to have sybase communicating with MSSQL all the time. The clarion app is the only thing that uses the sybase database.
The app will connect to the MSSQL database and some stuff works ok but when trying to open certain screens I get an error: This record was changed by another station. Error: (Invalid character value for cast specification(22005)).
I thought the problem was just to do with data types but I’m pretty certain that they are all good.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I found that sometime it can be fixed by using Filter instead of Range limit in Browse settings.

When using Range limit Clarion driver sometime generate wrong WHERE and using filter it generate it as is.

and check if your DCT and SQL table structure is the same

Thanks for your response.
It was indeed the data type for time on the SQL table.
After trial and error for half an hour I figured it out.

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