Invalid member Statement

Just compile my app and there’s a error message "invalid member statement "
Can anyone help?


Did it work previously? Have you changed the name of the application?

What is the code that gives the error?

Every module should have either a MEMBER statement, or a PROGRAM statement
(there will be only one module in a program with the PROGRAM statement)

A MEMBER statement appears at the very top of a module
It can be an “empty member” like MEMBER or MEMBER() I’m not sure if MEMBER(’’) is ok or not
that means this module cannot see the global scope
It’s useful when writing classes that can be used in multiple programs.

When you want to see the global scope you write
MEMBER(‘MyGlobalModule’) where the global module is MyGlobalModule.clw or

So… what does the member statement look like for the module where the compiler is complaining?

It just happened…and It usually run normal not showing those errors…
It’s happened after I change database location from drive d: into c: and change database ownership on dictionary into !Glo:dbOwner. It is Sql server database.


I found the causes. It is because that the name of app contain underline character…so I just rename the app without underline and it is working… thx