IP driver missing dll?

Just started to play with Clarion IP driver and already stuck. Generating example app ip_people and getting error: “IPDCTLA.DLL was not copied to the target directory because it could not be found via redirection lookup”. Looks like this dll should be located in c:\clarion11\bin. I search drive can’t find this dll. Any ideas?


I am on C10.12799 (EE) and also don’t have this file.
Searched my whole HD.

I do have a IPDCTLA.LIB file.

I have not played with the IP Driver yet so not sure if it is needed in C10.


Johan de Klerk

If your app still works, I think you can either ignore that warning or add that name to LibIgnoreList.xml.

If you don’t use ConfigDir, it should be in:


No, this is example app and doesn’t generate, must be something wrong in it.

I found there is problem with example apps (people and country) shipped with both IP Driver template (for clarion 10 and 11).
Trying to open any of them im my Clarion 11.13401 does notthing. Imediately on opening app i see message “Unloading people…” in bottom left corner, app is loading and unloading without any warning or error message.
So i had to do all by myself without example and… It’s working :slight_smile:
Now i have another question. I would like to test connection before opening file because if you open browse and server is down user gets error message and your app is shut down. My app is offline, only need some data from server if it’s running.

Solved this one too, i had trouble with TryOpen() until figured out problem is in LazyOpen. “An IP-enabled Application in 10 minutes (or less)” and i spent 2 days to make it run :slight_smile: