Is DynaLib still Available?

Hello Everyone,

I’ve heard about DynaLib over the years. Does anyone know if it’s still available for purchase, and if so, where could I purchase it?

Thank you!!

Hi Donald,

Maybe this will help: Dynamic Data structures in Clarion using DynaLib - #22 by sjreryan

Johan de Klerk

It has not been available for many years. I ordered it in 2010. Tried to send an email in 2013, but domain was no more.

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We have the source code and have taken the source code and moved it into a new project and module structure.

Now we do not OWN the rights to the original code and therefore cannot sell it.

The original creators are still alive and on a forum in Moscow.

They no longer support the product.

We support our own use of the product and have refactored large parts of the product.

But we have a new CPP module for the lastest version of SQL LIght under development and plan to replace DLIB with the new MULTI user version of SQL LITE which is currently being tested by the SQL LT community.

You can do a lot of what DLIB does by buying the Dynamic Driver from Softvelocity.

Hi Donald

I tried to buy it from Oleg Rudenko a few years back, but it proved very difficult to transfer funds and I gave up in the end. (I think I tried and failed with TransferWise and PayPal). Note this was before the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent tightening of restrictions on money transfers so I suspect it would be absolutely impossible now.

The details at the time:

The library’s source code is available for purchase.
Last version - v5.0.4.6 - C50b / C55h / C63.9053-9059 / C72.7283 / C73.7995 / C80.9759

I tried this version under the first versions of Clarion 9.0- it worked.

Advanced build - $300
Professional build - $400

In advanced version does not have the tDynaView class.

Payment in USD is preferred.

No “black box” - all source code in .clw, .inc and .equ files.

In English there is only a description of version 4.0
In all source codes comments are only in Russian.

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The Help files are in English and some comments in the source.

The problem with the original source code is 2 fold.

The overloaded procedures were not marked as derived this we fixed.

The source code for parsing text had a lot of duplicated parsing and is not efficient.

The internal structures are all mapped by address but this does show you how clever the runtime is.

A Queue is just a structure of 4 longs.

There is a lot of shared buffers in clarion and although created 20 years ago or more it shows that the c language is good to go today…

The code base creates and access clarion data structures by address and is anything but SAFE.

It is however impression to get a queue created from an SQL statement. And hopefully we will demo that shortly.

It does mean you can create completely dynamic database solutions that automatically display themselves in List boxes and of course clarion supports virtual lists.

Its a bit of a shame that there isnt a template for creating virtual lists for the rest of us.

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