Is it possible to use an external editor for code editing?

Is it possible to use an external editor when you open de source? For example instead of the internal text editor use VSCode with the Clarion Extension instead?

Why? Because I missing a lot of features while editing code, like multi-line selections/editing

Well certainly @MarkGoldberg does that but he hand codes and doesn’t use an app or the Clarion IDE.

If you use app and dct like most Clarion folk then I think it might be difficult unless you just copied and pasted back and forth but that would quickly become tedious.

Editing TXA’s doesn’t sound like much fun either.

The more code you can put in classes then the more you could use an external editor for those.

Maybe someone else has come up with a better way?

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Copying and Pasting back and forth is what I am currently doing - and because it’s getting tedious I asked this question - thanks for your answer though

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Brahn and Myself have extensions for VS Code. My extension will install Brahn’s as well.

As mentioned, it’s not able to hook into the embed points in the application generator, one option to help though is you can use the clarion INCLUDE Statement INCLUDE(filename [,section]) [,ONCE] to include your hand cod into an embed point, so you could have something like


And as @vitesse mentioned, as time goes by and you learn more about clarion, then shifting a lot of code into classes will help move the some of the code away from the embed points.

There is also a package for Sublime Text for clarion as well. @MarkGoldberg uses that one a lot, so ask if you have any questions there.



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