Is there a problem with Softvelocity Sales not answering emails?

I’ve been emailing sales@ for a couple of weeks, but they don’t seem to be responding.

Does anyone know if there’s an issue at Softvelocity?

Perhaps not specific to your instance, but I believe history shows that responses from SV are on the company concept of time not that of the customer. With some patience, one eventually gets something.

Cheers, I’m 3 emails in at the moment over 2 weeks so I’ll see if they come back in the next week or so.

It’s daft as they are losing business.

What email address are you sending to?

Initially [email protected] (twice) then [email protected]

Have you ruled out a spam folder situation?

Seems a lot more legit stuff is hitting my spam folder nowadays.

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It shouldn’t be, but I’ll send them an alternative email address just in case. Cheers

That would be good too, but I meant “have you checked your spam folder?”

Yes, I’ve done that.

Any success in contacting them?

Eventually. I’ve had a reply from Sales this morning, but prior to that there was an email from Support that generated a delivery error when I replied.

Support is not replying to mail emails either…

They (Sales@SV) replied us on last 16th July 2021.

I’ve no idea what happened next ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Did response from SV email back, yet ?

Yes, they replied (see above). My query was sorted.

I’m still waiting for any reply