Is there a template template for inserting images directly from camera

Hello, me again. Is there actually a template for storing images directly from a camera connected to the PC in the data field without using the Lookup Field function on it.
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Windows has something called Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) TWAIN Compatibility - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn which works with TWAIN TWAIN - Wikipedia. TWAIN is a set of api’s for devices like document scanners and camera’s.

Theres a couple way you could acquire images.

These guys Technology Consulting | Application Development and Design | Project Management - NextAge ( used to do an imaging template but the webpage for the imaging template no longer exists.
It was last seen on Dec 2000 Imaging Templates (

I havent checked Lee’s (DeveloperPlus) website to see if its still available.

There is an OCX which ships in windows which you might be able to use with the OLE control.
Imaging for Windows - Wikipedia

This might also give you some clues on the OLE imaging syntax but uses Eztwain
Clarion, EZTWAIN.DLL and EZTW32.DLL (

But I dont know of any template thats exist.

There is Capesoft’s Draw but I cant see any image acquisition mentioned.
CapeSoft Draw Complete Documentation

Windows graphics fall into a couple of different groups. You have the older GDI which Raster based and basically just supports BMP’s and PNG, or you have the newer COM based Windows GDI+
About GDI+ - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn which supports more formats.

This is why the Clarion FreeImage project exists, to support the missing formats (jpeg, giff etc) in GDI.

The Clarion Freeimage project does mention EzTwain image acquisition, but you might need to alter the code to work with your image capture device.
Related Projects (

There’s one template here

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I like this bit…

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This control still in beta stage.

That’s one long Beta test!

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You can try our VideoCapture class
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