Is there a way to make C11 work like C6 and earlier versions?

So I’m finding in C11, theres a growing list of regressions, things that were performed when ever certain actions took place in the IDE upto and including C6 which seem to have disappeared since.

Is there a way of getting those actions back in C11, because I feel like I am losing productivity and spending too much time trying to set things up and get things working.

Unfortunately Microsoft is playing its part in making everyone ditch Win7, as C6 no longer works properly on a new Vmware 16 Win7 32bit ide so using C6 is now no longer an option for me. :unamused:

An example.
Dct, specify a string 1024, the dct editor automatically selected the Text control when string/cstring was over a certain size. in C11 it doesnt.
Dct editor doesnt appear to have an automatic way to convert TPS files, its all code based now in C11.

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hi Richard,

This was such a familiar sort of comment when C7 came out (something like 10 years ago now?) that it’s a real deja-vu moment to see it in 2021. It’s nice to see that these “conversion pains” haven’t gone away and are still happening whenever people decide to upgrade.

The short answer is that there are lots of differences between C6 and C7+ (now C11). They are fundamentally different programs. so every user goes through 3 stages here;
a) frustration because x behaved like this in C6 and now behaves differently.
b) understanding how to do your day to day things in C11
c) learning what the IDE can do that you never thought (or couldn’t) do in C6

For example C11 has all (most of) the settings from C6 but then also has a zillion extra options so you can tailor your experience to what you prefer. Of course this means getting beyond the “conversion” phase and actually embracing the new.

If it’s any consolation you’re just going through the same process we all went through 10 years ago. It takes time to switch from one to another, especially when the muscle memory is so strong.

As an anecdote - I was one of many who lobbied for the TAB (and SHIFT TAB) keys in the editor to mimic C6 behaviour. Fortunately it was added as a setting because I’ve since turned that setting off - using the “new way” instead - and it is SOOOO much better and faster. But change is hard so the IDE lets me discover things one at a time rather than force everything in one go.

Incidentally there are ClarionLive webinars on all the settings where (as a panel) we work through them and often highlight different ways we want to the IDE to behave.

I’ll answer in your other post, but yes it does. I suspect many of the “regressions” you are encountering are just not “knowing how”. Others are regressions, and others are just “it works different”.


Yeah but when the F1 help doesnt work in the dct editor, how many PDF’s do I have to scan to get the answers?

You can use any 32bit OS in your VM, nothing wrong with using XP or Win2000 if you still have the install media.

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