Is there any good AI site for clarion coding?


I tried to request clarion code (simple test requests like reading a text file or even creating a simple loop) . I tried ChatGPT, Microsoft copilot.

ChatGPT gave a little help because it mixes other languages syntax within the code but copilot was a disaster that it keeps repeating the same line over and over until you force stop the generating.

Anyhow this was my short experience, any suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thank you

Go check out a couple of ClarionLive episodes. @John_Hickey demonstrated integrating with ChatGPT awhile back. Search the titles for ChatGPT.

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ChatGPT 4o seems to be better than the other ones I’ve tried, but it still doesn’t savvy Clarion enough to write something that will compile off the bat. However, I did get better results after asking it whether it reallllly knew Clarion. :slight_smile: And better results after that, when I demonstrated what barebones Clarion program was.

Copilot is useful for writing some of the mundane stuff in existing Clarion modules.

But other than that, I’ve seen nothing that understands Clarion yet, where you could type “Write me a thing that does this, using this”. For other languages, it’s a different story.


Thank you for your replies.

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Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you were looking to integrate AI calls into you application, not looking for AI resources to generate Clarion code.

If you are looking for a Clarion app, this code can also help. (using Nettalk Desktop)

serhatsatir/Clarion-AI: Connect to ChatGPT, Ollama or Gemini (

That looks like it would be interesting to look at, but the GPL license that you attached to it is pretty wordy and it is not easy for a non-lawyer to understand the actual intent. But it looks pretty restrictive to my non-lawyer eyes.

GPL licences are Free software (free as in Liberty, not Price) but as such cannot be used in commmercial software unless you supply your source code to your customers.

So for most clarion programmers (people who distribute exes not source code) this code cannot be used (at all) and its potentially dangerous to even look at it.

Serhat, i recommend switching it to rhe MIT license if you want it to be useful to others.

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I’ve only recently started using Github, and I choose it because seems as public license. There are actually no restrictions. Everyone can use it as they want.

Hi Serhat. I think you mean you did not intend any restrictions, but by using a copyleft license they definitely exist.

I think switching to a non-restrictive license like MIT as Bruce suggested is a good idea.

There were plenty of “wars” over licenses and if interested I suggest you read up on Richard Stallman and FSF to understand where they are coming from. These copyleft licenses are not compatible with how most Clarion folk operate as most want to make a living by selling their software rather than giving it away for free. (I am retired so in a different space.)

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Ok, I’ll change it when I go to my office. Also I’m working on ChatGPT talking API. It’s almost over.


By popular demand from the community, the license model was changed to MIT. :slight_smile:
I also have another good news. The ChatGPT model can now talk… :disguised_face:


I have good news for you. If you want, you can use “Clarion Expert” from following link, which I trained on the ChatGPT base. I can say that it writes codes more smoothly.


FWIW, I have been using Github CoPilot in VS Code to write some Clarion classes, and it has done a pretty good job knowing what I was going to type next.

That’s not to say it can write you a procedure that would be usable without modification, but it’s definitely better than just writing code in the IDE.
It knew what my ,MODULE(‘yada yada’) was going to be after I typed “CLASS,”. All I had to do was press tab to accept it. It knew I wanted a Construct and Destruct.

Pretty useful, especially when it’s not wrong. :slight_smile: