Is there any way to bypass the password to open clarion .dct file?

Hello everyone,

My dad passed away 2 weeks ago. He developed accounting software using SQL for the back end and Clarion 6.3 as the front end. Recently one of his clients was having trouble with the software and needs to gain access to his Clarion .app file to make some modifications. The issue is he encrypted the .app file and he never told the password to anyone. Is there any way to bypass the password? Please check the attached screenshot.

Thank you…

I’m sorry for your loss.

Regarding the .app, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a password protected app. Have you checked for the existence of a .TXA file? TXA is a text file that Clarion can export an .APP to. I wonder if it might contain the password?

Very sorry for your loss.

The dct seems to be password protected. its not the app in my view.

It has been a long time, but I distinctly remember someone in another Clarion newsgroup stating that they could get the password for any tps file. A couple of people then sent example files as a test and indeed the correct passwords were posted.

Yes, I think you’re right, it is the dictionary file that is password protected. Is there any way to bypass that password?

Okay I will check it out. Thanks for the advice.

Actually, I found a way to open the TPS file by opening the exe in hex editor. But what I want to open now is the dictionary file (.dct) or the coding in the clarion. Sorry for the mistake in the title. It is actually the dct file not app file. I’m not really familiar with clarion.

I tested adding a password to a DCT in 11.1 and viewing the Hex it did Not appear to have been encrypted.

You might be able to reverse engineer it using a Hex compare tool to see where the password is stored and a Hex editor to remove it. Create a simpler DCT with 1 file AAA and 1 field BBB. Copy it and add a password XYZ then compare hex.

I was under the impression that the DCT is just a collection of tps tables?