Is there documentation on how to create addins for the Clarion IDE?

Hi to all, and Merry Christmas,
Is there any documentation on how to create addins for the Clarion IDE?

I have a couple of needs that I wonder if I could do using addins. For example, there are four fields that I typically add to all my tables (things such as datetime of creation of the record), and in Clarion 6.3 I had a macro using AutoHotKey that did it (didn’t work 100% of the time, but worked for me).
I also wanted to see if I could create some sort of tool that would auto-align controls of the windows formater.

I am hoping that there is some documentation on how to create these things.


There are a couple of IDE Addin examples from the late Brahn Partridge on GitHub

See clarion-accessory-adding and ClarionLiveAddin

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Hi Edgard,

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information.
Brahn published some links when he first started doing addins back around 2010.
Check out these two links. They have helpful information.

I’ve written several addins. I can help with questions posted to ClarionHub.
Unfortunately, it is a lot of exploring the classes in the IDE to discover what’s available.
I can tell you the dictionary is a private internal class. You can’t do much with it.


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There is some info in the Sharp Develop Tech Notes and Wiki on Add Ins. There are also a number of web pages if you search.

You can still download the Sharp Dev IDE so a first step may be trying to create an add in for that. Version 5 has a no install Zip file, but I would think version 4 is closer to Clarion (but I don’t know).

Their IL Spy does shows IDE DLL source that seems very easy to read but there is so much it’s hard to grasp.