Is there room in the market for a Color Explorer?

I have written a few classes that might roll nicely into a product for sale if there was a big enough interest. But this seems a bit niche-ish and I’m not yet sure it would be a good use of my time to package up and support.

Here’s a video of the basic stuff you can do with it. The video capture quality is not great. Sorry.

If interested, please send a private email to jeff @ slarve dot com. And if you have any pricing suggestions, I’d appreciate that too.

This is 100% Clarion source, with no black box.


I like it. Not sure how I would use it; but, it reminds me of the color picker in high end photo manipulation tools, like Adobe Photoshop. I suppose it would be useful for making really attractive GUI screens, etc. I think it might be a limited market though.

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