Issue with "dead" toolbar and top of window section

I have an issue that has been intermittently happening since Clarion 8.
It actually occurred much more frequently in C8 but it is still happening in C9 and C9.1.
Unfortunately, it isn’t something that we can just reproduce. It happens randomly.

What is happening is the Toolbar and window are re-drawn lower down in the frame’s client area, leaving the previously drawn toolbar and top of the window in place. This “double-ups” the top section of the window. The toolbar at the top (in the regular position) and the top section of the window are not “live”, you can’t click on them. This is the area outlined in red in the image below.
The bottom toolbar is functional.
Opening and closing another window in the application causes it to clear up.

In this particular case, the user had another MDI child window opened on top of the window you see in the image. When the user closed this window and focus went back to this window the problem occurred. There is a merged MDI menu and toolbar in this window (in case that is relevant).

has anyone see something like this?
here is a screen shot.

Yes, I have experienced it also. Something I have not been able to fix or put my finger on. Sometimes there appear even 10 X system Menu buttons [Maximize, Minimize, Restore].

Closing app and opening helps! frustrating.

question: how did you do the TREE in your screen shot? looks impressive?

Hi Fouche,

I stop the multiple min/max buttons from occurring by not allowing the MID child window to truly maximize. You can capture the maximize request and just resize the child window to fill the frame.

That tree is custom. I use a stored procedure in SQL to return the entire tree including levels, etc.
I put that into the list box queue along with the formatting for the icons and styles.
It is used as a navigation control. Clicking on the tree rows changes the browse to the right to show the sub-items for the selected item in the tree.