Job Opportunity in the Heartland

I am finally retiring (sort of…). My boss asked me to reach out to the community to find a replacement. So, here goes:

Wanted - preferably alive - an experienced Clarion developer (working remotely is a definite possibility). Must be conversant (i.e. - know how to program) in Clarion 6.3, Clarion 10, Oracle PL/SQL, and MS SQL. Must be able to read and understand some very bizarre Clarion 6.3 code, which has been transitioned from the DOS days to Clarion 6 and now to Clarion 10. There are over 2,000,000 lines of code in out application suite. We operate (we being the Clarion operations IT group) in a high stress, quick turnaround manufacturing environment. Projects are rarely well defined; so, ability to turn on a dime is critical. Our group, although small, has very experienced Clarion developers; so, that’s what we are looking for to replace me. We extensively use of Bruce’s (Capesoft) tools (almost all of them) and would like to use them more and better.

If you think you have what it takes to join our small group, send your resume, availability, and salary requirements to [email protected] and/or [email protected]. BTW, this is not a contract position - it’s full time.





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