Json webservice on clarion10

hi! i’m new to clarion10, does someone knew how to create a simple webservice app? using json string. Thank you very much in advance.

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Client, or server? A few more details will get you better info.

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Good day!
A server web service maybe, pls correct if i am wrong. Im thinking to create a simple clarion 10 web service which will return result to the mobile app like inventory of a certain product and etc… that web service should also accept information from the mobile app and save to the database, example sales of the day.
Thank you for your reply and the time.

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Wondering why do you want to do it in Clarion, if you are a newbie? Tens of tools do it much better and cheaper.

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Hi Ccbarte

You are looking to make an web service
the good news Clarion 10 came with client side if you want to make app to connect to an web service

But to make an web server you need to buy an tool for that
see this two options possible now

  1. Nettalk - template over Clarion 10
  2. Clarion.Net - compile like .Net and not like Clarion 10 win32 bits but use Clarion language with few changes to .Net

Or maybe on the future version of clarion 11, I see some news about “Clarion REST server” that will make the job see on this link:

Or like Mike_Duglas say to using other tools not based on Clarion

Hope this will help you.

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Can you make web service with c# in 5 minutes

Hello Y.M, good day.

Thanks for this great reply… I’m looking for my clarion10 and i think i have this nettalk ver 7.4. I’m
hoping clarion 10 can make it but i don’t know how to start. I am using clarion EE. Can you walk me through how to create one? A very simple app will do, maybe i can do the rest from there.

Thank you very much.

Sorry for insisting clarion 10 for this, just wanted to see clarion 10 to do the job.

Then read the Nettalk documentation. I’m pretty sure it has a webservice example - if you have the full version of Nettalk.

Creating a webserver is not trivial and this isn’t the place to learn how - IMHO.

Hi Ccbarte

Take a look on the nettalk provider Capesoft
epecialy for the Clarion Live Webinars clarionlive.com :

And if you like text material you can look at ClarionMag magazine at

This is my best references for Clarion

Any question of the version of Nettalk you can ask the provider Capesoft, because I don´t sure a bout your version if its have Nettalk Server or handle JSON files (or only in XML)

Wish you best learning time.

Yes, NetTalk in the most recent versions handle JSON and XML as well. NetTalk can handle the client for SOAP and REST services too (made in NetTalk and other platforms).

I think Clarion 10 has some tools for REST services too. never used it by me on production but sure someone here can help you out if you want to use the Softvelocity solution.

Here is my solution for WebSockets server and client, very simple in use and in development.

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Hi Ccbarte,

Clarion will do this with NetTalk version 7, but its nicer and more automatic in NetTalk 8 onwards (its practically magic in NT10).

You might want jFiles to make it easier. But, it can all be done pretty easy with just NetTalk 7.

I have a whole REST API written in Clarion 10/Net Talk 7.

http://nettalkcentral.com is a forum for more NetTalk help.