Legacy to ABC woes

Hi guys, trying to migrate clarion 6 to ABC forms and using Legacy2ABC tool from github.
When TXA is exported and imported into the new app, when i try to build , i see following errors at the end of the build:
TPL: (PBDY.$$$) Error: N formula is disconnected from browse. Please reselect browse instance! - C:\ClarionDev\TestMigracije\Test021\PBDY.$$$:1

I can’t find anything that would point me where to look at. Using clarion 11 to run the tool and original app is at Clarion4

If you are using Formulas you should get rid of them because they seem to be broken and cause problems in C10+.

To remove them it is probably easiest to open the Procedure in the Embeditor and copy the generated Formula Code into the next embed point, then delete the Formula.

To find the Procedures with Formulas export to a TXA in C6 and search for [FORMULA]. Then search backwards for [PROCEDURE] to see its Name .

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