Libxlsxwriter for Clarion

Create xlsx (Excel) files directly, without Excel!
Wrapper based on libxlsxwriter С library (

Requirements: C6 or higher (older versions not tested)

Free (donate)


I have a wrapper class and template set for using this library.

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What license is this released under?

Use LibXLSWriter with Clarion 6-7 months.
The rate of export of about 10,000 cells / sec.
Completely open source, no black boxes.
The project is steadily evolving and expanding.
There are some minor functionality limitations
in the formation of XLSX files relating to the underlying DLL.
A very interesting project !

Thanks Rafael,

It would be intresting to merge tokens from a xlsx template, representing tps fields, to the xml before zipping to an xlsx

You can do that with evalute function

Think it’s more difficult.

In asci (xml) it’s easy to merge fields from a (tps) database but it should work with a template format for repeating groups (ie order lines) and pagebreaks as input.

Updated to 1.0
Outlines, error bars, lots of fixes
98% of original lib functionality is supported

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Thank you
Victor M.

I use this product from Klarisoft from

Klarisoft wrote the clarion template, but uses a COM free DLL from

This is fast and very happy with the performance so far.

Thanks Mathew,

LibXL not only creates xls/xlsx files but can also read and modify them


Does LibXL support charts?

Hi RaFael,

I know libxlsxwriter cannot read an xlsx, but it’s zipped ascii.
Do you know how to use it as a reporting/BI tool in clarion.
See screenshot for example

Updated to 1.1
Chartsheets, some fixes

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Thanks RaFael . This is awesome product.

Hello Leonid,

I’m working with Clarion 6.3 and I’m very interesting by your product.

If I understand, it is possible to open and modify both xls and xlsx files.

I especially need to make replacements in those files.

Is it possible?

Is it compatible with Office 2016?

Do you have a similar product for doc and docx files?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards.


Hi Paul,

Yes both creating and modifying is supported. Compatible with Office 2016 and Clarion 6.3
For doc/docx files you can try TX Text control (Pro version)



Thank you for answering so fast.

I will look at this products carefully.

Kind regards,


@RaFaeL: Does Libslsxwriter for Clarion support data validation and cells with a drop-down list?

It’s supported by lib but not by wrapper for now (may be in future…). You’re need it?