List Box Touch Control Scrolling Clarion 11 - Tough Pads

Just moved our Gymn app over to clarion 11 and noticed that touch scrolling up and down no longer worked on Panasonic Tough Pad.

Move it back to clarion 10 the touch support for scrolling started working again.

Is this a time to deploy Mark Goldberg Touch support class for the List Control?

Does Mark, the man with the Golden Touch recommend that this might be a job for his Touch support classes.

I would report it ASAP to SV as CW 11.1 must be close to release.

IIRC my classes were designed to merely send touch info to OutputDebugString. They were my first step in creating a TouchManager, however progress on that project ground to a halt when I was unable to get documentation from Bob at SV.

Ok thanks marks i will do a few more compiles and tests just to make sure it is in fact consistently happening and so far it seems to be.

it only seems to happen on that specific windows 8.1 series Tough Pad AFTER they are upgraded to windows 10 and only when compiled with Clarion 11.

Works perfectly on all other window devices.