ListBox Format - Child Node Icons

Is it possible to have a FORMAT for list control such that the parent node is left-aligned and does not show white space where its icon would normally appear?


My queue is:
Q Queue
sMainText STRING(128)
dwIcon LONG
dwLevel LONG

My format is:
FORMAT('105L(2)[email protected]@')

No. This would mean the necessity to have separate format for every level. You can use some neutral icon for the root node instead of ICON:None, for example, an icon showing the blue circle. If your tree has the only root node, there is another variant: you can use the suppress parameter for the T modifier in the format string and use the text from the root node as a header text:

`FORMAT(‘105L(2)IT(1)~ [email protected]@’)

GET (Q, 1)
?List {PROPList:Header, 1} = Q.sMainText

The neutral icon is my usual route, I guess I’ll be sticking with it.
Thank you for the confirmation.