Local Variable name not consistent

I have added a slew of Local variables to a Report procedure and they are named as such:

LOC:FullName0630 … etc …

They were all added by pasting from a text editor to the Data window in the lower left of the IDE.

They came out of the text editor looking like this:
LOC:FullName0600 STRING(30)

However, it seems like Clarion has chosen to lop off the LOC: part of the variable name. As a result, they are not displaying properly in my Report.

Here’s how the data window looks alongside the properties for the LOC:FullName0600 variable:



Any ideas on why it is changing? I tried just adding the LOC: back into the Report when it calls out the variable, but that didn’t work.


I don’t know, but we never put a colon in local variable names unless the prefix is referring to a GROUP structure where the GROUP has that prefix. Also, copying and pasting variables from a text file into the data pad is tricky if you have comments after your variable declarations. The data pad is very picky about certain characters that you might have used in your comments. It gets me every time. I’m always going back and removing quotes and slashes from my comments before pasting into the data pad.