Location of DSSW5.tps files for Secwin6

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After I create my install setup file and then run it on a new computer it installs the DSSW5.tps file where I tell it to go. The app will run once but the next time I try to run it it cannot locate the DSSW5.tps file and errors out.

Popup error: "The Security tables are non-existant. Please contact your Application Supplier to obtain these files."

The question I guess is where should the DSSW5.tps files be located so that the installed App can find it?

Where are you installing the TPS file?

From Capesofts documentation webpage

The Security tables are non-existent. Please contact your Application Supplier to obtain these files.

Possible causes and their fixes:

  1. You have most likely turned off the ability to create security files (which often is the correct option) and your application can’t find the dssw5.tps file. You need to ensure that the application is looking for the dssw5.tps file in the correct place.
  2. The dssw5 is on a different PC and PC where the application is running does not have sufficient read/write access to the networked PC where the data resides.

Run your application with the command-line switch /SecDbg, and immediately after the message you’ll get a stop with the actual disk error.

Hi Steve,

what Steve said, but also, in terms of the specific location;

a) it’s typically running “in the current directory”. Exactly where that is depends on the “Start In” setting of the shortcut, and any SETPATH commands in your code. Usually it’s the location of the Exe (which back in the day was the same folder as the data) but when it became a good idea to split program and data, the current directory was usually set to be the data folder using SetPath.

b) you could also have set the location in your code using ds_SetPath (https://www.capesoft.com/docs/secwin/secwin.htm#ds_SetPath). But this needs to be done early, before the first call to Secwin, which itself is quite early in the program’s life.


I am installing the DSSW5.Tps to the following location:


CovertCall is the name of my app.

In Secwin6 this is the location I have setup as well.

In that case, you need to either have the Start In for you application shortcut be C:\ProgramData\CovertCall, or change to that path after the programs starts or use ds_SetPath(‘C:\ProgramData\CovertCall’) early in your application start up.
Back when I used TPS files for Secwin, I preferred to use ds_SetPath so you know that it is correct and it doesn’t matter if your application switches directories for some reason.


I checked and this is what I have:

  ds_SetPath('C:\ProgramData\CovertCall',,'EXEDIR')  ! secwin

Where do you have that set Steve?


Under global extensions, Secwin 6.50, files tab, Security File, position, Data Directory is selected and I added the path to where my install program installs the DSSW5.TPS file. ‘C:\ProgramData\CovertCall’

If I change it from Data Directory to EXE Directory and install the program directly to the “C” Drive (C:\CovertCall) instaed of C:\Program Files (x86)\CovrtCall it will work fine.

send me an email Steve, and I can teamviewer in and see your setup.