Locked TPS files across a network

Sorry for all my questions this week folks, wondering if anyone has any advice re: Locked files across a network. The system is setup running TPS files on a file share on a network and we get issues (occasionally) where the application will crash for a user and will lock or leave locked the TPS files. I am assuming Clarion Locks/Writes/Unlocks as a unit of work and a crash during the write process means it is not unlocking the file but I’m not sure.

Has anyone else had this issue and is there a way to resolve?


Questions are how you get answers :slight_smile:

Yes your assumptions are correct.

Not really sure how to solve it these days. What you’re talking about was always associated with MS oplocks, which was a know source of possible corruption of files for any ISAM user, not just clarion.

The solution was to turn off oplocks, which is not possible with later versions of windows, although still possible if using Linux and Samba.

TPS files are also very prone to subtle network errors caused by slightly wonky hardware. For some reason, while most things work, TPS files occasionally don’t. Changing the network card or a cable can often fix it.

Running Terminal services or the clarion IP driver are also used by people to fix these faults.