Login form or procedure

Are there can help me of creating login procedure? or it will be fine if there’s any example of the procedure.



Create a window with hidden failure message and with ENTRY boxes to accept your user details (e.g. ID plus password) and buttons to Log-on and cancel. Check user input with the ABC FileManager Fetch() or TryFetch() methods against your user file, capturing whatever the ABC outcome is. Make it more sophisticated with a set number of failed tries(3?), CYCLE, UNHIDE(FailMessage) until all the attempts are used up. Make the cancel button set the return variable to Level:Cancel and close the window. Return the final ABC either after a successful Fetch, or when all goes are exhausted forcing the close window from the log-on button (assuming by now the return variable holds the ABC failure from Fetch).

In the Frame embeds find ThisWindow.Init then pick a suitable point (I like just after “Enter procedure scope” because that gives a log-in before you see any program frame) make this callout and if the return is other than Level:Benign, return Level:Fatal.
e.g. IF LogonProc() THEN RETURN Level:Fatal.

If Level:Benign the Init will proceed, other levels and your program won’t start.

Regards, Jim