Looking for a Clarion developer for a long-term project for a UK client

Hi All,

I am a manager for a Software Development company based in the UK (Leeds). We have a long-term client who is based in London, who have a major system written in Clarion. They have a full-time employee who developed the system over the last ten years, and we have recently added a full-time Clarion developer to work with them on system development. This has worked well and they have asked us to add a second person to bring the team up to three people in total.

So, I am looking for a Clarion developer to join this team. The position will require excellent English skills in order to understand the system and requirements. I am happy to discuss various working arrangements, including full-time employee, part-time employee, remote working, contract working, etc. Ideally, we are looking for a full-time, UK based employee who would work remotely, with only the occasional visit to the customer site.

There will be (if wanted) the opportunity to learn other development skills (Azure, .NET, C#)

Clarion versions: 6 with an upgrade to 10 (then 11) in progress.


You can contact me here: “andy.sims at ventureaxis.com

EUROPASS CV DEJAN.pdf (209.6 KB) Cover letter Clarion.pdf (72.4 KB)

Atualmente estou disponível para trabalho remoto com Clarion à partir da versão 7.
+55 15 997332343

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I sent you an email.

I am jitesh. I have 1 year experience in Clarion 6.3 let me know if u need Clarion development