Looking for a tutor

Hi all, my colleague told me this was a long shot but I figured I would see what’s out there anyway.

I’m new to Clarion, I was given a practice project to work on and made good progress, but hit too many roadblocks and my colleague isn’t available to help/teach me. I’m looking for someone to go through the project with me, start to finish, letting me do the bulk of the work and pointing out errors and such. I’d give you the project specs, it is a program for accountants but knowledge of accounting isn’t really necessary, since I do have the layout in layman’s terms. Would be paid, of course.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

If you’re willing to do research and try stuff yourself. I’d suggest asking here or in the newsgroups for pointers would work well.
we only really get pissed if people seem to want us to do the work for them.

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Oh, I definitely don’t want someone to do this FOR me, just with me. Peer programming, I’ve heard it called. But I can understand if that isn’t the type of job someone is looking for, I just thought I would try it out to get a grasp on where the community stands on tutoring for hire.

If you have not seen this blog - you should review - very useful

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I have gone through all of don’s tutorials, they were very helpful. I’ve also read Bruce Johnson’s guide to ABC, along with completing the lessons in the Clarion help files.

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I also strongly recommend attending the Wednesday ClarionLive Open Weekly webinar.
This weinbar is an open forum where folks ask any kind of Clarion question. You’ll pick up on a lot and can ask specific questions about problem you are running into.

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I am not from USA but if you want, we could do a remote session, see what you have on your hands and what you actually need to do.

It’s often a challenge to learn something new. There is a lot to absord to create a Clarion program, although most of the pieces I think aren’t too difficult to understand.
I would be willing to tutor you with your accounting project. I have written several accounting programs using Clarion. Here is a short “tour guide” of one of my accounting programs: Marge Municipal Accounting tour guide by Bob Campbell - Issuu
But there are some very helpful developers in this Clarionhub and the Clarion newsgroup. It’s a good group of developers, probably because it is not a really big community.

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Hi everyone, i dont know how to mark this post as closed/completed but i was able to receive some tutoring from my colleague and eventually made progress. I dont require a tutor anymore but i appreciate all the help i’ve received.

Thanks all!