Looking for Clarion 10


I am looking for clarion 10. I don’t want to spend 1000 euros before I am sure that my current 6.1 applications can be converted to Clarion 10. Is there any second hand licence available? Softvolicity doesn’t have a trial version to test.


If you are worried about converting the 6 app to 10, then don’t worry. It will convert it. I have successfully converted my 6.3 solution, around 49 app (dll/exe) to C10 and is working fine. There is a bit of a learning curve. But is possible.


I have the same positive experience. Multiple medium sized (50-70 procs) 6.3 apps converted to 10. Did it by opening up my (backed up) .app and following the prompts. Needed to make a few changes to window layouts but that was about it. Net result is that I have added another 10 years of life to these apps. Tech support at SV was helpful.

If you have no or only few and up-dateable 3. party templates it will go smooth.
If you have a lot of ‘Forgotten’ templates its another question.
You will find, after a learning curve, that C10 is way better than C6.3 Today I really fear for having to use 6.3 for a single APP.

Another positive experience for me. A couple years ago we converted a big multi-dll application (about 40-50 apps) with little problems to solve (mostly related with third party templates).
The only thing that Clarion6.3 does better is the pixel precision alignment of window controls in the window editor.
In Clarion 7…10 there’s an odd conversion between pixel coordinates and dialog units that slightly moves controls when you save the window in the editor. Since we have a lot of controls in our windows this is very noticeable and annoying. In a window with a huge grid of entry controls (something like an Excel grid) I have had to align them at run time on window opening with a little routine to have them at the same vertical distance.
Apart from this, I’d never come back to Clarion 6.3.


Bought, now I have still a issue
I have a program using the SoftMasters Office templates that have been
working fine until all of a sudden I get this error message:

Group %GenerateNewLocalMethods(ABC) Not Found

and wont compile.