Looking for Clarion 5.5 templates

Following on from my previous post about upgrading from C5.5 (Migrating from C5.5 PE) I am looking for the unadulterated C5 templates.

A past employee has modified (perhaps extended) the standard C5 templates and I want to know what the differences are before attempting to migrate to C6.

I may (likely I will) have to modify the C6 templates to match the altered functionality.

We have misplaced our C5 installer (I can find C2 and C4).

Can anybody help me out?

Contact Soft Velocity?

Didn’t consider that as we don’t have an agreement with them.
Would they be open to such a thing?

Posted a message to the SV newsgroup and send SV support an email.

Will keep you posted…

Well, technically C5 wasn’t a Soft Velocity product, so I don’t know if they even have the rights to it?

EDIT: changed post title.
Just had a quick read of this: https://pisoft.ru/verstak/insider/cw_history.htm
You may be right about rights, but I think they do have rights for 5.5, which is what I am after.

SoftVelocity gave me the templates!

I must say I am surprised - but pleased.

I found out I have V2.002, they gave me V2.003 - trivial differences - but it gives me a starting point.

Thanks PurpleEdge2214 for the suggestion.

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