Looking for e book

Hi there, can anyone advise if their is a posibility this book can still be bought , or if there is a pdf somewhere ?

Programming Objects in Clarion

By Russell B. Eggen

Looks like it’s on scribd.

Thanks saw it there. Not interested in their monthly subscription, prefer a once off.

If you’re unsuccessful in your search, perhaps you could try the 30 day free trial then cancel?

I’m guessing the copy they have is pirated anyway. I wonder if Russ knew it was up there before he passed away.

ill give it a few days , if i’m unable able to source , will have to unfortunately do that.
Thanks for your help

a couple of years later now and I’m not sure if you ever found it but I see it is at:

both first and second editions:

Added the PDF here to preserve it for posterity. Russ passed in 2016. He would love that the Clarion community continues to benefit from his teaching efforts.

Posted here with the permission of the publisher, Clarion Magazine’s David Harms.