Looking for Gary James (StrategyOnline)



Does anyone know where to get hold of Gary James or have had contact with him lately?

I have tried:
NewsGroups, E-Mail, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Contact Form on his website.


Johan de Klerk


I wonder if his Linked In account still gets responses?


Can’t check for you as I’m not a member.

I suppose as he worked for CapeSoft at one time Bruce may have contact details.


Hi Graham,

Thanks for the reply.

I see I have already sent him a message on Linked In on 3 July 2018.
I have sent him another one now.


Johan de Klerk


Hi Johan,

May be worth contacting Johan van Zyl (posted on the Clarion10 newsgroup on 15th Dec 2018) as at one time he lived 1Km away from Gary.
(OK it was in 2004 - but who knows it may still apply)


I left Somerset West at the end of 2006 and have been living in Pietermaritzburg and Pretoria ever since. I believe he is now living in Johannesburg and working for Nedbank.


Hi Johan,

Thanks, I will try and see if I can trace him via Nedbank.


Johan de Klerk


Dont mention my name, maybe he does not want to be found.


Hi Johan,

Will not do so.


Johan de Klerk


“Johan X” ought to be anonymous enough :slight_smile:


Been trying all avenues to get hold of Gary for months.
No luck so far.

And now when I wanted to try and leave another message on his site I got this message:
Reserved for

I think all the Strategy Online customers have been left in a loop.

I use a lot of his templates.


Johan de Klerk


For what it’s worth, his website looks like it’s up. Not saying he’s there, but the site works.


Hi Jeff,

Yip you are correct.
This morning it is up again.

I will keep on trying to get hold of him.


Johan de Klerk