Looking for some help ( Filled June 2019)

Looking for some help:
Programmer in Clarion 10, with skills in NetTalk and creating/modifying a web service with SSL and TLS security.

I am looking for someone who can programme in Clarion 10

Hi @Rainy, should this one be in the #marketplace:jobs category or do you have perhaps a more specific question? It kinda read like a job advert when I first glanced :slight_smile:

Yes sorry, realized that what it looked like. I am actually looking for someone to help us with the Clarion 10 programming………

Hi are you still looking for someone to help with programming on clarion 10?

Hi I am available and able to do your task. I got a similar project done in NT10.
You can reach me at tuz at mwaura dot com

Many thanks for all your interest.
We have now found a suitable solution.

Are you still available for programming?

No. Positin has been filled. Thank you.

I’m available as a Clarion developer. Please contact me at [email protected] or phone 919.883.9388. Email is easiest.
-Chris Bordeman