Make Browse Template dialog Hot Fields and Total Fields List Boxes Taller

In C11 the Template Dialogs got larger but the default Height of #BUTTON,MULTI did not increase (that’s a LIST in Templates).

I edited the ABBROWSE.TPW and CTLBROW.TPW templates to add AT(,300) so the LIST would be much taller. Using AT(,200) makes it fill the current Dialog Height and would be my choice. With 300 the Insert Button is more mouse travel. This code has too many Hot Fields, one past developer was inclined to make everything Hot.

I also made Totaling taller and added a DEFAULT(‘Sum’) otherwise it defaults to ‘Count’ which I use much less often:

I checked and the 300 height will fit into 1024x768 so should not be a problem for Laptops.

You’ll have to make these changes again when you install a new release. If they are lost they are just cosmetic.

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Exactly why I have long suggested that new releases from SV separate template updates from runtime/library updates. At the least, one wants to know and compare shipping template changes. Quite often a new release does not have any template changes so being spared the time necessary to investigate what MIGHT have changed would be very welcome.

There’s also LibSrc changes that are important and can be related to Template changes. I’m fine with how it works now.

I install twice. First into a new folder C:\Clairon11_13505_Clean so I have the original files. Then I can compare all files and folders to see what changed since last Clean. I focus on Templates and LibSrc but there are other XML and text files that can be interesting. Also if the Lib\Win32.Lib file changed I’ll open in LibMaker.

I copy my current C:\Clarion11 folder and name it for the old release e.g. C:\Clarion11_12xxx_Carl. I install the new release over my C:\Clarion11 folder. Now I can compare what changed in my install (changes lost) to what changed in the Clean install.

Some do this with Version control, I want to try that. That may make merging my changes easier. Any Screen moved a Big Block on code in 1 or 2 places that took care to repeat with my changes. I’ve changed many PRIORTY to be unique to stop code “jumping”.

How difficult is it for SV to say in the change log?
“This version does/does not include: template changes, class changes.”
Even more helpful - “The following template, class files have changes.”

Add up the little time saved across all developers and it will be significant AND appreciated. I am sorry, but SV does not exist in a vacuum.