Manifest file not named properly

I have an app in cw 11 which does not generate appname.exe.manifest but rather just .manifest file.

I cannot find a reason why. I’ve never had to set manifest filename format, it was always app.exe.manifest.

Anyone has any idea why I would only be getting .manifest file generated?



I too had this problem. If I manage to remember will report here :slight_smile: It was over year ago

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I think remember the situation. After some 3 days of looking on web I found an obscure post in spanish of some fellow clarioneer. It was not working and my wife and daughter pointed out that I do not understand well enough spanish and corrected my interpretation. It was some silly solution like choose again same dictionary or similar. Oh I am so angry now I did not put it down.

Does it change if you set an Output Path on your project properties?

is there anything relevant here?

I believe so. This AppGen “Bug” somehow clears the application name variable used in the template causing a file naming error. I also noticed that besides setting the Output Path to “.” you have to be careful with names of any icon files used in the app. I have a habit of using space between words in file names. Clarion does not do well with that. So, I would avoid using spaces in file names for files that Clarion references.

Nope, no luck so far, guys, tried all your suggestions.