Manuals for Clarion 10

Can anyone point me to decent Clarion step by step manuals for Clarion 10

You should have the GettingStarted.pdf and LearningClarion.pdf files in the docs folder within your Clarion installation.

Whether they’re “decent” is in the eye of the beholder.

@DonnEdwards Did some getting started stuff. Profile - DonnEdwards - ClarionHub


Unless you unchecked the box during setup you should have a Clarion10\Docs folder full of PDFs including:

  • GettingStarted.pdf
  • LearningClarion.pdf
  • FAQsTipsTricks.pdf

Take a look at my blog. Starting here:

There is a section at the end of the article that lists all my Clarion lessons. They were written for C11, but will be mostly accurate for C10 as well. Hope it helps! I am also open to suggestions on further topics to cover.

Thanks so much Don

God bless

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