I try to use an open source GIS component (MapWinGIS.ocx version5) in a Clarion 10 app to show geo-locations, stored in TPS files, on a map (as dots and lines).The C-sharp example looks simple:
Shape shp = new Shape();
shp.AddPoint( Point_X, Point_Y);
I can show the (registered) ocx, with tiles, on a Clarion window and zoom and pan using static properties. Would the C-sharp example be doable in Clarion? Any othe rmethod to draw on the map would also do. The few replies in the C10 NG didn’t give me any clues…

Regards, Nico

You can write COM interface in C# and call it from Clarion app, I am using this technique in many products (EasyHTML, EasyCam, Google api…)

The technique is described in this eBook.

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Hi Mike,
Thanks for the suggestion. From your answer I learn that it would not be possible to use the Clarion syntax for this. I haven’t done any of these COM interfaces before so ths would be a real challenge. I like the MapWinGIS component very much and it would be a valuable asset for the application I work on. So perhapse I need to take up the challenge…
regards, Nico

Why not? I think it is possible, but for me C#+Clarion way s prefferable.

OK. Sorry for the misinterpretation. My C# knowledge is zero. I have the source for the OCX and include files with all equates and prototypes for Clarion. The declaration of a new shape exceeds my understanding of the property syntax (e.g. ?OLE{‘projection=MERCATOR’}. Do you know of a solution or work-around for that?
Regards, Nico

Never used MapWinGIS, so can’t help.