Matching records

working on a relation tree with these files :
Customers ==> Level 0
Orders ==> Level 1
FileX ==> Level 2
FileY ==> Level 3
All files have dictionary relations in this order

what i would like to have is :
when on level 0 (customers) , read the FileY (Level 3) and if some condition is true skip loading the customer record.
this is a strange logic but i realy don’t care if it gives a true display.
if you have also a one file based relation tree solution, please share.

I assume you mean on a browse?
If you add all the files in the order given,
I would have thought just adding the appropriate conditions in the filter would work.
The clarion view engine is pretty good at sorting this out.
(if it doesn’t work try adding the files in reverse order, fileY first)

Fixed by adding an alias for the FileY and reading records from that alias.
Thank you everybody.